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borse prada outlet Fashion weeks in India are becoming bigger and bigger as the seasons go by. They aren't just events to be talked about, but they are also events that give us an idea about who the talented designers in our country are and also what is in this season. Fashion weeks introduce us to the work of brilliant as well as budding designers and give us an opportunity to pick our favorites. They also give us ideas on how to get creative with what we wear. Wills India fashion week 2014 was no different. As one of the biggest fashion weeks in the country, it sure gave us a lot to talk about.,The phrase “vintage lingerie” usually elicits one of two responses: a faint cringe or a pricking up of the ears. The former response is, I suppose, understandable. We’re not allowed to return worn underwear to shops unless it’s defective, and that’s strictly for hygiene reasons. So what’s different about used lingerie that just happens to be rather old? goes the reasoning.Well that’s the rational position, although it’s informed more by a gut instinct than by any sense of thinking it through. After all, these garments, if bought from a reputable vintage clothing store or even a charity shop, will have been thoroughly washed and prepared. It’s likely that you couldn’t say the same about the last train, bus or cinema seat you last parked yourself on for a few hours.It’s the ear-prickers we’re really interested in, of course. Because lingerie is a type of clothing that has been through so much evolution over the years that it represents a rich mine of opportunities for the vintage clothing buff.Corsetry might be associated with the nineteenth and early twentieth century, but it has never really left us, and made a strong comeback in the 1950s when it was a necessary form of underwear for the elaborate and glamorous styles of the day, not least the wedding dresses. If you ever get the chance to examine a top quality corset from one of these periods, get your magnifying glass out and marvel at the craftsmanship on display. It would probably have set its original owner back a fair amount of money at the time, and it’s quite possible that it could have been worn only a few times.The camisole is another timeless classic, and it’s a little more difficult to identify the age of a vintage cami just by looking at it (although any labels can be a giveaway). Since they’re designed to hang relatively loosely on the body and form a sensual barrier between the skin and the material of the dress, they’re pretty much always of a satin or silk material and vary only in length and print. Some will have some modest bust support, but that’s not really the point of the camisole, so don’t be surprised if you find that most are quite simple in construction. The same applies to slips and slip skirts – there’s not much you can do to improve or modify them, so they haven’t changed all that much for a hundred years.What you get from vintage lingerie is quality and style. Quality is proved by the fact that these light, delicate pieces are still intact after thirty, forty, fifty or more years of existence. And the style harks back to a time when women’s underwear was in general more feminine and sensual. You won’t find any three-for-£10 bras in a vintage clothing store (and you probably won’t in thirty years’ time either, so stock up!).So don’t purse your lips and scurry past the lingerie section of the vintage clothing store. Stop a while, have a look, have a feel, and prepare to dive into a new world of big time sensuality.,About India Couture Week HDIL India Couture Week, an initiative of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) is expected to be the most glamorous and most unique of all the fashion weeks. India's first ever couture week, will showcase 11 of India's finest couturiers and aims to provide a platform for the Indian Couture. Scheduled from September 16 to 21, two theatrically produced shows will be held each day at 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm. The event will certainly be a celebration of Indian fashion Day five of the HDIL India Couture Week started with an impressive collection by designer Varun Bahl who rewrote history by marrying the Mughal and Rajput dynasties with the Elizabethan age, creating an extravagant yet sober collection of silhouettes. The line saw a perfect mix of two cultures - Indian and Western. The designer had elegantly managed to fuse the two in such a way that his outfits were at once trendy and sophisticated. The collection saw the fusion of saris with Elizabethan gowns, lehengas with coat-shaped blouses, and evening dress with a bow at the back. Lot of velvets in different sizes, forms and shapes were quite prominent. It was used for sarees, jackets, gowns, blouses, suits, churidars and lehengas. Velvet motifs were embossed on lehengas and sarees to give them a trendy look. The color palette ranged from black to ivory, gold, pink; and maroon. An interesting aspect of Bahl's show was the somewhat outrageous headgear worn by the models ranging from reindeer horns to heavy loaded jewelry to feathers. To the audience's surprise Bahl had kept a small velvet pouch on every chair in the show area which contained a small binocular through which the audience could examine the intricate zardosi work on the garments. When Tarun Tahiliani showcased his signature bridal collection on the fifth day of the HDIL India Couture Week, the audience was indeed in awe of his creations as the atmosphere gradually turned electric Woolrich Parka "the north face denali,"bottega veneta roma bag,"tory burch reva ballerina flat sale SaftyFlex – These insoles are constructed to give out richness and help in for families who crate tray all in the workday. they can’t be ultimately lay in do just as well or spot monclers.
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